Terrorhedron is an eight player, 3d co-op tower defense game by indie developers MCRO Games.  This tower defense game is rather different from other tower defense as in Terrorhedron, you build and program your own turrets!

You can building turrets from a set of 3d building blocks, with 4- or 6- facing platforms, then a choice of seven types of turret: laser, EMP, Plastic Pulse, Photon Pulse, Energy Vacuum, Plasma Beam and Finance Generator.  You can program each turret to prioritise different enemies; faster moving targets, those closest to the turret or the end of the maze, or the strongest, which gives you a lot of choice in terms of strategy.  Target the strongest enemies at the beginning of the maze, leaving the weaker targets to be mopped up by later turrets, or use the EMP to slow them all down and allow more firing time..

The enemies in this game are coloured spheres, with different strengths and speeds.  As they take damage they change speed, with the weakest targets turning green and travelling at a set speed, but higher strength balls becoming either faster or slower.  You have 100 lives to start with, and although you regenerate a life per round, later on you encounter enemies which are worth a lot more, so your setup of towers has to be able to cope with the changes of speed as well as enemy strength.

Terrorhedron is available via mcro.org, for just $5.

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