Indie Royale: The Winter Bundle

The Indie Royale’s Winter Bundle is here.. pay what you want for six indie games!

The games in this bundle are: Vanguard Games’ turn-based strategy, Greed Corp; mif2000‘s HAMLET, an indie adventure based on the Shakespeare play of the same name; BIT.TRIP RUNNER, the fourth chapter in GaijinGames‘ music/rhythm-platformer series; an old school fantasy strategy game, Conquest of Elysium 3, by Illwinter Game Design; Leave Home, an abstract shooter by Hermit Games; and They Breathe, a first game by The Working Parts, following a lone frog through a horrifying story.

Those who beat the average, currently £5.06, will receive Protodome’s Bluescreen album, as well as knocking down the price for others.

The Top Purchaser for the Winter Bundle will also get a few extras: a Conquest of Elysium 3 branded mouse-pad, laptop skin and Iron-on Patch.

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