Oh yes.. here we are again..

A friend has been playing through Morrowind, followed by Oblivion over the last days, and it’s made me want to play again.

These are games I completed quite some time ago, and yet I have a scary amount of recall for both games.. to the point I’ve been able to act as an encyclopaedia for random quests!  So much for my dud memory.. I’m now sticking to my theory that my current job’s requirement of monitoring ridiculous amounts of trivia, or stress, perhaps, is actually preventing me from being able to remember things.


In this case my memories of the game mean that I don’t want to go and explore the world like last time.. it feels like all the surprise is gone.  Instead, I think I’ll be trying out the Dark Brotherhood, vampirism, and other evil things that didn’t fit in with my previous play, before trying out some of the awesome fan-made mods that are out there 🙂

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