Noblegarden Sugar High

After going out for dinner with a friend to celebrate his birthday, it was time to get started on the Noblegarden event in WoW!  The event’s main objective is to collect eggs from around certain locations; inside the eggs is chocolate, a buff that turns you into a rabbit, or a variety of other, more rare items including the Spring Rabbit which I got last year.

I managed to collect a lot of eggs.. something to do with the amount of wine drunk earlier in the evening, meaning that I was fairly content to run circuits of Bloodhoof Village grabbing eggs as I saw them.  I found the pet very quickly.. this went to Tim as I already had it.. but I also found the mount: the Swift Springstrider!

The Swift Springstrider was added new this year.. and is either a very low drop chance from eggs, or available to purchase from the Noblegarden Vendor.  I’ve been rather lucky, winning a pet, the mount, two Elegant Dresses, two Spring Robes, four Blossoming Branches, two White Tuxedo Shirts and Black Tuxedo Pants, and enough chocolate to get the Chocoholic Achievement for eating 100 chocolates.  I’m told it’s a 0.001% drop rate on bunny, and 0.01% for everything else.. I do love beating the odds!

This morning, I took Tim around the four towns to get the Spring Fling achievement with his newly acquired bunny.. I got this achievement last year along with most of the others, and am now just left with the Desert Rose and Shake Your Bunny-Maker achievements to get!


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