After getting used to heroics over the last few weeks, there were few places left to go..

Naxxramas was suggested as the weekend destination, and so began half a week of reading up on tactics, being confused about tactics, and stressing about whether I’d be able to play well enough to avoid being yelled at.

After assembling our group, we started off in the Arachnid Quarter.. where we wiped in fairly short order thanks to some very weak DPS.  We tried again, and the bad DPS were still putting out no damage, with one running around in the way instead of following tactics!

These two were then kicked out.  Once we had some replacement players in, we had no problem.  Even with the wipes, this actually made me feel a lot less worried about my performance in the group and I started enjoying it.

The next part of the dungeon was the Construct Quarter, filled with toxic slime rather than spiderwebs.  The first boss here was the Great Unclean One.. oops, wrong game.. Patchwerk!

Patchwerk wasn’t too much trouble, despite a bugged row of slimes coming to join in.
While fighting him, I was told about “Frogger”, a series of slimes crossing the path, which kill instantly.  I was also told that only the idiots die here.. no pressure, right?

I didn’t die, but plenty others did :>

More brilliant dungeon design.. to get to one of the bosses we had to walk along a pipe full of slime, overlooking an earlier part of the Quarter.

Gluth was more trouble for the group, with lots of Zombie Chow running around.. as well as hurting us they were providing food for Gluth!

I’d been asked to read the tactics for Thaddius, so I was expecting him to be quite hard, but in fact I found him and his minions rather fun, apart from my jumping fail.  After dealing with Feugen and Stalagg, we had to jump off our platforms onto Thaddius’ platform.  I managed to land just short of it, on the supporting column, and had to run round.  I then missed again, landing in the same place 🙁

It was a case of third time lucky, though, and I joined everyone else running back and forth with their positive and negative charges.  I really like the varying mechanics between bosses, and I found this particular one really easy to deal with.

When I read up on Naxx during the week, some things seemed more confusing than others..

One of these was Heigan the Unclean and the “safety dance”.  I was surprised how fast the second phase dance was, with no time to really do anything but make sure of running to the right place, and stopping there.  When reading up, this one seemed horrendous, but in practise, he wasn’t bad at all and I felt fairly good.

Loatheb, on the other hand, made me feel awful as I couldn’t always get my heals out in the three second window and ended up relying on other healers.
Looking back at this, I could have given less attention to bubbling people, and paid more attention to watching the timer to know when I could get my heals off.

The Four Horsemen were a set of bosses which sounded nasty, with stacking marks dealing increasingly massive damage.. I was dreading this section, but once we started I realised it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d expected.  While the marks stack up, the ones you get from each boss are all independent of each other, and fall off over time.  There was a little bit of confusion when it was time for groups to swap places, but I stuck to the tank and healed or bubbled those who came within range and at least felt useful.

Another awesome looking place.. with a dragon to kill!

This felt a little more disorganised.. though after a few hours attention starts to fade.
I managed to avoid the head and tail for the most part, but Sapphiron killed me after I stood too far round an iceblock and in his line of sight.. around 130k of damage.  Ouch.

Finally we came to Kel’Thuzad..

I was surprised to find he wasn’t a lot harder to deal with than previous bosses.. although I was focusing on the tanks more than anything else.

Iceblocks were painful, especially when two came at once, but of all KT’s abilities, I really don’t like his Mana Detonation!  I was running out of mana by this point, so to have the enemy steal my mana and hurt me with it.. I wasn’t happy 😉

Again, I ended up needing rescuing by another healer, who was actually pretty damn awesome, as were the rest of the raid.. as well as playing well, there wasn’t any nasty stuff which normally makes me want to avoid randoms.  Maybe by the time you get this far in, the idiot randoms have given up through being kicked?

The throne was begging to be sat in for a screenshot.. I only wish I’d asked all the raid to come and sit with us too!

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