Completion.. or not.

I’m being mocked on a regular basis for having still not completed Final Fantasy VII, so while waiting for a friend to turn up, I thought I’d play a little bit.. make a bit of progress.. yeah, right.

I’ve returned to Nibelheim, which is supposed to be burnt to the ground, but somehow isn’t.. and dotted around the town are people in black robes talking about the Reunion.  I’m almost more interested in finding a potion shop, after using most of them up dealing with the boss in the Cosmo Canyons, but this is interesting enough.

On to the mansion, and a series of hidden notes which eventually lead me to a safe.. and of course this spawns a boss once I’ve opened it 😉

“Lost Number”.. half red, half purple.. I didn’t find him insanely hard to kill, as I spammed magic at him until the purple side died, then just whacked him the rest of the way down.  The boss at the end of Cosmo Canyons was more annoying with his endlessly regenerating fire buddies!

However, the fight left me with rather low hp and no potions.  As soon as I left the room I was hit with another random encounter, and died to a pair of trash mobs.

Save point?  All the way back at Cosmo Canyon..  Result?  Ragequit!

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