More Old Raids – Black Temple

I had a whole two days away from WoW after letting my three-month sub expire.. going outdoors and getting daylight.. playing Fable III.. but there’s no rest for the wicked, so I returned on Sunday evening for some more old content with the rest of my lovely guild.

Black Temple was next up on the achievement hit-list.. we entered through the sewers and after one friend pointed out that the Aqueous Lords were urine-based, I levitated myself and Vorlak so we wouldn’t have to walk in it 😉

The second boss, Supremus, was a huge abyssal demon..

When I stopped the group for the screenshot, the others noticed something very interesting in the sky.. Azeroth!

I was warned of Supremus’ volcanoes, but was a little disappointed when they showed up because they were rather small.. especially beside him anyway.  They were easy enough to avoid, too..

Teron Gorefiend was an interesting boss, thanks to the mechanic involving the player dying and returning in ghost form.
At first I thought this was a fail in my healing, but then found out it was the mechanic.  You only get one minute in ghost form, but during that time you have the ability to chain the shadowy mobs which appear when you die, as well as shield anyone still alive.. just Vorlak by the time I got killed.. and of course you can attack the boss too 🙂
I would like to try this again, as I now know what to expect.

Somewhere around here I was hit by an interesting bug.. I was still able to move and cast as normal, but otherwise I was slumped over with a sleep effect on me.  Later this was joined by a dazed effect.. they lasted until I was killed.

I hated the Reliquary of Souls.. running the gauntlet to get to this boss was fine, and even the lack of a rest before the boss was fine.. but the boss itself? Ouch.

Essense of Suffering was the first phase.. a 100% reduction in healing meant I could only apply PW:S or attack.. but this was beaten in pain levels by the second phase: Essense of Desire.  Desire? Oh yes.. I wanted more mana, as my pool got smaller and smaller, and everyone else wanted more healing as they were taking damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt.  We wiped on the first attempt, but the guys were successful in interrupting the boss’ attacks on the second, and we got into the third phase.. which by comparison was easy as it was just damage to heal through.

Gurtogg Bloodboil, a massive fel orc, was also fun.. though he killed me on our first attempt when he randomly charged at me.  I liked him when we had our second go though, partly because he made me massive and powerful with the Fel Rage buff that also reset my Shadowfiend cooldown!

Another highlight of our trip was the Den of Mortal Delights.. well, what can I say about this place?  It brought plenty of smut out, anyways.. our temporarily fire-specced Mage had the best line, saying that the ladies were hot for him.. before burning them 😉

The boss, Mother Shahraz, was easy enough to kill though she had an annoying mechanic: Fatal Attraction pulled us on top of each other, applying a debuff so we then hurt each other.  Run away!

We finally got to Illidan..

We were able to pose around him without him moving, as he had to be started off elsewhere..

Somebody started off the fight by talking to Akama, who was tucked away round the corner from where we’d been posing with Illidan.  There was some dialogue.. and then fighting 🙂

We knocked Illidan down fairly quickly in the first phase, but then met the two Flames of Azzinoth, which put out huge beams and threw fireballs at us until we were dead.  We split off for these on our second attempt, with two of us on the first Flame and the other three on the second Flame.. this time it was easier to avoid the beams and fireballs.

Illidan then landed, and didn’t last long especially as we were joined by Maiev Shadowsong (the namesake of our server!).

Sadly, he didn’t drop the Warglaives of Azzinoth.. but hey, we can always go back again 😉

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