Monoculus and More TF2 Goodness!

When we’ve managed to down Monoculus over the past few days, I wasn’t ever close enough to get in the portal to Loot Island.  That changed tonight tho, as I was invited along to a friend’s server to try for the achievement and to receive presents..

Loot Island.. the bit with the skull..

Within the Skull.. the Bombinomicon!  Running through the book gave me the achievement “Dive Into a Good Book”, and when I next died, I received the “Bombinomicon”.. an item which causes player deaths to be as over the top as possible!  I can see the novelty wearing off after a while, but for now it’s all about the silly 🙂

After collecting this, we hung around to play.. normal playing between Monoculus’ appearances, then attacking only him once he’d arrived.  The group on the server were fun to play with, and there was even an agreement in place that they’d take it in turns to grab the random Halloween gift box until everyone had received one 🙂

With the teamwork, we took the boss down a number of times, allowing enough trips onto Loot Island to experience the bombing to oblivion that happens if you try to stay on the map, and to get a look at the back of the Bombinomicon, where you can see a price tag.. $6.66.. and note some reviews on the back!

Apparently the previous two Halloween events are still accessible.. may have to look into this 🙂

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