A Little Minecraft Project.. and a Texture Pack

A few things have changed since I first set up my Minecraft server.. I turned off the mobs, to avoid creeper-related destruction.. and updated the server to 1.8, to take advantage of proper flight.  VoxelAir is certainly better than nothing, but the flight in the 1.8 update is much nicer to use, allowing tiny, fine-controlled movements.  I also started using the creative mode, because after all, this server is for creating things 🙂

I started on a Dwarven Fortress..

The rest of the fortress is inside the mountain.. carved out with VoxelSniper, and the rest created by myself and a friend.  In just a few days we’ve built most of a city down here! 🙂

We’ve got shops, a brewery, a Tavern and a vast mine leading all the way down to the bedrock.. lit by lava 🙂

After a little poking, I installed a texture pack.. Better Armour Dokucraft.. which actually looks far better than I expected, especially on the lava.. though I’m less keen on how unmined minerals appear.

While playing around with VoxelSniper, my friend managed to add some interesting new friends to the world.. though they were most definitely not welcome inside the Fortress!

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