Duskers In Real Life for Halloween

Misfits Attic have two treats in store for Halloween.. the first of which is that they are doing Duskers “in real life” for Halloweeen, by streaming live robots controlled by Twitch, exploring a constructed derelict ship!


Steam Halloween Sale Now On

From now until November 1st, the Steam Halloween Sale is giving horror fans a discount on anything frightening, creepy or ghoulish through the Steam Store!

Steam Halloween Sale 2013


Early Halloween Treats for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Team NINJA has begun the Halloween celebration with the release of a free stage named “Haunted Lorelei” for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and the free-to-play Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighter!

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Haunted Lorelei


Halloween Releases

Steam’s Halloween Sale has plenty of discounted games.. spooky, creepy, scary and eerie.. perfect for Halloween!

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation was released for the PC last night, including exclusive Halloween DLC consisting of a unique Halloween map, themed enemies, decorations, rewards and even an exclusive achievement.


Free This Weekend

Plants vs Zombies is currently available for free as part of the Stop Zombie Mouth campaign, with redeemable coupons being given out in association with the American Dental Association: instead of giving sweets to trick or treating children, give them coupons for a game!


Monoculus and More TF2 Goodness!

When we’ve managed to down Monoculus over the past few days, I wasn’t ever close enough to get in the portal to Loot Island.  That changed tonight tho, as I was invited along to a friend’s server to try for the achievement and to receive presents..

Loot Island.. the bit with the skull..

Within the Skull.. the Bombinomicon!  Running through the book gave me the achievement “Dive Into a Good Book”, and when I next died, I received the “Bombinomicon”.. an item which causes player deaths to be as over the top as possible!  I can see the novelty wearing off after a while, but for now it’s all about the silly 🙂

After collecting this, we hung around to play.. normal playing between Monoculus’ appearances, then attacking only him once he’d arrived.  The group on the server were fun to play with, and there was even an agreement in place that they’d take it in turns to grab the random Halloween gift box until everyone had received one 🙂

With the teamwork, we took the boss down a number of times, allowing enough trips onto Loot Island to experience the bombing to oblivion that happens if you try to stay on the map, and to get a look at the back of the Bombinomicon, where you can see a price tag.. $6.66.. and note some reviews on the back!

Apparently the previous two Halloween events are still accessible.. may have to look into this 🙂

Halloween Goodness!

Halloween.. time to celebrate zombies and undead things.. and time to check out the awesome extras added to certain games! 🙂

A friend pointed me towards TF2, and the Halloween map, the Eyeaduct!
This is a modified version of Viaduct, with pumpkins, candy, and ghosts roaming the map.. get too close, and you end up “Scared Stiff”!

There were freebies too: I was given a Seal Mask and Dr Gogglestache.. there were some new achievements to grab.. and there was also a boss to fight!

Monoculus spawns randomly in the map once there are enough human players, and sets about firing eyeball rockets at the players, who have a minute and a half to kill him before he leaves for another realm.  He seems to have a lot of health, and he hits hard.. I only saw him killed a few times during the hours we played, versus the hundreds of times he killed me.

While alive, Monoculus moves around the map leaving behind a purple vortex which grants access to the Underworld.. a special map where you take constant damage until you escape via the second portal.  Players escaping the Underworld get invulnerability and a brief crit boost.. and Monoculus gets stunned in the process, thereby helping to bring him down.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet grabbed the Bombinomicon..
When Monoculus is defeated he drops an open Bombinomicon, granting access to Loot Island for those fast enough, and a copy of the Bombinomicon.

Last night, I had a decent run with the Demoman.. finding Stickybombs a lot of fun 😉
Tonight’s game included a bit of Heavy and Medic power, which was working out rather well between Monoculus’ appearances.. but again, I think I should play more TF2 🙂

Dungeon Defenders was the second game with Halloween additions, in the form of free DLC.. a Halloween-themed map for high level players, and some unlockable outfits.  The Tavern was also decorated for the occasion 🙂

The Halloween map is available to all, but as I found, it’s far too difficult for low level players.. there are three Eternia Crystals to guard, and the enemies are very strong.  I lasted a whole 48 seconds! 🙂