The mutation of this week has been Headshot.

In this mode, zombies can only be killed by headshot.  We found this mode a bit tougher than the last, but more enjoyable.

I did struggle to find a good screenshot to add here, though.. flailing at the zombies during a horde event, or being wildly inaccurate in shooting leads to rather a lot of carnage, and the headshot looks even more gory.  Enough gore that I thought it might look a bit too gratuitous..

So instead, here’s an angry young man brandishing an axe 🙂

Voting has been on all week to see what next week’s encore mutation will be.
I’m hoping for Chainsaw Massacre again, as it was a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t be unhappy for a return of this as we’ve actually played it more than the required try-it-out once.

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