Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2.  Zombie Slaughter?  With friends?  Hell yes!  The problem with this was actually setting up the game to begin with.. Games for Windows Live isn’t all that well-behaved, and then the game kept refusing to let us join each other too..

Once in, though, awesome zombie killing!  Crafting weapons is a good touch, with some interesting combinations.. some are more useful than others, while some are just funny, such as the dino head with firework!  So far I prefer the nail bat as it clears a nice path through the zombies, and saves me getting grabbed so often.

We’re not managing so well on collecting survivors so far.. I suspect this is something for a second playthrough, when your character is levelled up and able to take on all the zombies without feeling it.  Trying to rescue a granny, a mad old guy with a gun and then his wife, only to be jumped by the rival competitor from the Terror Is Reality show.. ooh, frustration.  Unless we missed something, there was only one bike to chase him on, which doesn’t work for two people in co-op. In the end we ran for it to make sure we at least rescued somebody, and then returned to kill him later.

I have to say that my friend is liking the dressing-up a bit too much.. mincing around in tiny pants and shirt and trying to get into the cutscenes.. oh god!  Apparently there’s an achievement for changing into all the clothes in the game.. “Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?” 😉

Screen from here.  This is one of the outfits he’s been in lately. 😉

While I love most of the game, I do have a rather large dislike.  I’m getting the “target audience: male” idea quite forcefully rubbed in my face, and I don’t like it one bit.  I really don’t want to look at ass, up-skirts, views down tops..  I’m getting the impression I’m not even welcome as it’s all so blatantly tailored to the guys.
I despise Rebecca, who alternately puts down and flirts with my character..  I don’t want that!  I rather enjoyed shooting her in the face when I first had to travel with her and I only wish I could feed her to the zombies, along with TK and his ‘girls’ too.  When the girls showed up, and captured Rebecca.. that cutscene?  Just.. urgh.

Hey, Capcom?  More zombies, less pixel porn, thanks..

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