Minecraft is now in beta, with working health and mobs in multiplayer!  Finally, we can kill creepers!

This meant a new map on our server, and new bases to build.  We quickly had a nice new starting area, but then came across a massive hole in the map which we dubbed the sparta-hole, after one we created ourselves back on our old map.  This one, however, was an unwanted hole where several chunks of the map had failed to render.  At first we blamed the newly created map, and started again.. but then others appeared on the new map too.

These holes don’t appear for everyone, so sometimes you get to see a friend walking around in the air, with no mind to the infinite hole beneath their feet..

Although weird, logging back in fixes it, so it’s not too much of a problem.  You can also use it to spot diamonds, but these forays into the depths have sometimes led to death by lava, maybe through taking too little care as you feel like you can see what you’re doing.

Aside from the Sparta-Holes, we have some rather nice bases going up.. our house has a rather nice fishing ledge and a dock, as well as underground mines.  I rather like our lounge, with the roaring fire 🙂

Pictures still don’t work in multiplayer.. despite the one on the wall here, which was only visible directly after placing it, and sadly only to me.  Portals to the Nether and associated fast-travel are also still not working in multiplayer..  I’m looking forward to them when they do arrive! 🙂

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