Boris and the Batling

Meet Boris, the Razzashi Hatchling..
Apparently this is what you get when an Orc gets his tentacle stick on.  Ahem. :3

He has a tiny roar!  Also discovered tonight that others’ pets will make a sound when you click on them.

Another friend sent me a Tirisfal Batling!
This one was less lazy than Boris at keeping up with me when we went flying off 🙂

Not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve these friends. <3

While wandering around Dire Maul the other day, I missed the opportunity to grab a screen of Vorlak’s Guardian Thornling.
I got one today though!

He grows from a Thornling Seed and attracts nearby enemies, or is supposed to.. he didn’t seem to during our Dire Maul run, and we were glad he didn’t tonight, as the naga were bitey 😉

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