Classic Dungeonmaster

Chasing achievements before Cata.. tonight I finished off Classic Dungeonmaster with the help of a friend 🙂

Stormwind Stockade requires running through a bunch of enemy guards to get to.. normally.  However we have the Touring Rocket, so Vorlak ran us through while I waited to see if a lucky strike would dismount me from the comfy passenger seat.  For now we can’t actually fly out here in the old world, but the rocket can be used on the ground. 🙂

Stockade was rather an easy dungeon, and over very quickly.  Leaving this time included a trip through the park, and I was told about a certain Dwarf RP player nipping in there to urinate!

Vorlak had to die to let us get into Scholomance, as neither of us had the key.  Easy dungeon, and we rather stomped all over it.
I managed to pull something, though no big deal as they were much lower level.. but they kept on coming..

Apparently there were a few things in the previous room which were summoning these.. I was made to wait till there were a suitable number, then Mind Sear! 🙂

Dire Maul was the last dungeon I needed.  Right in the entrance we met Pusillin, who decided to run away from me!

I wanted him as a pet.  Well, the small, cute version of him anyway.. 🙂

After killing the King, the silly Ogres made me their King instead.  Rather amusingly, this then allows you to collect tribute from the various bosses.. so long as you left them alive earlier of course.

There was also a drunk ogre with a selection of alcohol for sale.  Lalalala :3

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