World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard have announced the new expansion for World of Warcraft at Gamescom 2015.  In World of Warcraft: Legion, the demons of the Burning Legion pour into Azeroth, where they hope to summon the Dark Titan..

Players will be able to explore a new continent: The Broken Isles, where they’ll discover night elven cities older than human civilisation and native dangers lurking.  To assist them, players can claim an Order Hall unique to their character class, and lead their followers on a hunt for the Pillars of Creation, the secret to Azeroth’s salvation.

As well as an increased level cap of 110, there’s a new class too.  The Demon Hunter is an elven outcast, shunned for daring to wield the terrible powers of the Legion.

Demon Hunter

Forgoing heavy armor, Demon Hunters capitalize on speed, closing the distance quickly to sever enemies with one-handed weapons. However, Illidari must also use their agility defensively to ensure that battles end favorably.

New customisable weapons are available to Azeroth’s most seasoned veterans; they will grow in power alongside the player, and according to player choices, will change its abilities and the way it looks, sounds and feels in combat.

The transmogrification system is being improved, allowing players more scope to collect item appearances and save outfits without sacrificing bag space.  Blizzard are also planning a brand-new PvP system with PvP-specific talents, rewards and progression, and improved support for in-game communities.

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