World-First Diablo III HC Inferno Clear Confirmed

Blizzard have confirmed the world-first Diablo III Hardcore Inferno Clear, which was completed prior to the 1.0.3 patch.  Canadian gamer Kripp was playing a Barbarian, and had help from a Wizard friend, Krippi.

He’s uploaded the video of their fight with Diablo, from the Barbarian’s perspective: and it’s a long fight!

I’m impressed at the guys getting this far without dying too; Hardcore characters, of course, are wiped on death, losing all progress and gear!

I found Diablo a hard enough fight on Normal.. my Demon Hunter was far too squishy, as I concentrated on DPS while using the Templar as my tank, and had to go and find new gear on the Auction House so I could fight by myself.  As for progress in Nightmare.. I found my interest in the game waning slightly.

The loot drops stopped providing me upgrades.. and the items I crafted were not only expensive, but rarely suitable for my class.  Without new gear, I was starting to struggle against the mobs as I worked through Act 1, which meant I had to go trudging back to the Auction House again.  Blizz may have intended low drop rates to lead players to the Auction House.. they have to ensure that part of the game is relevant, I guess.. but I find buying gear to be a joyless task.

I want to be surprised by the loot as I kill mobs or open chests!  For half the Act, the chests had contained nothing I could use.. when playing with friends they noted that it wasn’t really worth exploring the map to find hidden loot.. if exploring the map only ends in needing to make another trip to the vendor, then there’s little fun in it.  The new patch has altered the drops in Hell and Inferno, but I’m hoping the drops in the rest of Nightmare provide some upgrades, or it’ll feel like a grind till I’ve got through it!

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