Alas, Poor Ragiest..

My first foray into Diablo III’s Hardcore mode, with Ragiest the Barbarian, ended in tragedy thanks to a pack of Demented Fallen.  Tragedy, because if you’re going to die, at least let it be to a boss, right? 😉

Ragiest the Barbarian


Diablo III Hardcore, or, Am I Mad?

I’ve been playing more Diablo III this week, with a Barbarian who is great fun to play, wading into packs of enemies, and so much tougher than the Demon Hunter that it may as well be a different game.  Of course the various patches and tweaks have helped, but there’s more interesting loot drops too.. three Legendary items in my trip through Normal.  Though I died to Belial (not getting out of his mess quickly enough), I managed Diablo with ease, unlike when I met him with my Demon Hunter. (more…)

Legendary Pants

I completed Diablo III a while back, with a Demon Hunter.. and played around a little in Nightmare mode.  I remember being frustrated because I had to resort to the Auction House: I wasn’t able to take on Diablo in the gear I’d found or crafted along the way.  The loot drops were poor, and crafting was just too expensive and too hit-and-miss in terms of the magic effects.  When you have to craft four or five pairs of boots to get a pair with your primary stat, that’s not fun.

Diablo III - Legendary Pants - Pox Faulds (more…)

World-First Diablo III HC Inferno Clear Confirmed

Blizzard have confirmed the world-first Diablo III Hardcore Inferno Clear, which was completed prior to the 1.0.3 patch.  Canadian gamer Kripp was playing a Barbarian, and had help from a Wizard friend, Krippi.

He’s uploaded the video of their fight with Diablo, from the Barbarian’s perspective: and it’s a long fight!


Diablo III Beta

Although the Diablo III Beta was made available on Friday, we weren’t able to get in right away.  Unsurprisingly, there was rather a lot of interest in the game, and Blizzard had to limit the number of concurrent logins while dealing with various server and login issues.

The beta contained the first four chapters of Act 1: after defending the town against the rising dead, players go to the Cathedral to find out what happened to Deckard Cain, go in search of the mad King Leoric’s crown, and then put an end to the Skeleton King and free the land from his army of the dead!

All five classes were available to choose from, though you could only level each up to level 13 during the beta.