Trying out Holy

I’ve been trying out a Holy spec in the last few weeks, partly due to being pestered to try it, and partly due to the lack of AOE healing as Disc.. if I’m ever to get into the Rise of the Zandalari dungeons then I’ll need to be able to do it..

I’m having mixed results though.

At first I found it fun to be trying something new, and when dungeons run smoothly I like that I’m able to handle it without my usual spells.. but at other times I’m running out of mana so much faster than I should be, or being faced with wipes which may or may not be my fault.  Today’s long wipe-fest dungeon made me want to give it up again as I kept thinking if I’d been Disc I’d have been hitting the right spells and maybe pulled it back when things went wrong..

Apparently, as Holy, I should have better mana regen than I do as Disc.. yet I’m finding that I run out of mana towards the end of most fights.  Possible solutions include giving DPS less proper heals, only Renew.. but then if something else hits them and they die, I’ll be in the firing line for not healing them enough.  Otherwise, it’s a long, boring read through the forums to see whether I’m using the right (read: most efficient) spells.. but with all the maths which I don’t fully understand, that feels more like work than gaming.

Maybe this is why more people play DPS.. get that wrong and nothing much happens..

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