THQ Finished: Assets Grabbed

According to MCV, Sega, Koch Media, Crytek, Take-Two and Ubisoft have moved in to buy up THQ’s assets at auction.

Metro: Last Light

A list of the winning bidders was posted on Kotaku:

  • Sega won the bidding for Relic Entertainment.
  • Ubisoft took South Park: The Stick of Truth, due for release on 5th March, as well as THQ Montreal, makers of in-development 1666 and Underdog.
  • Take-Two won the rights to Evolve, the in-development game by Turtle Rock.. Turtle Rock themselves were outbid.
  • Koch Media took Volition, Inc. and the Metro IP, including Metro: Last Light, which is due soon.
  • Crytek won the bidding for the next Homefront game, which they were developing for THQ.

No bids were made for Vigil Games, which remain with the THQ estate for now.

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