The Initiation Station

Thinking about Saints Row 2 reminded me that I’d tried out the Initiation Station too..

The Initiation Station is the character creation suite for Saints Row: The Third, available to all, regardless of whether you’ve got a pre-order in for the game or not.  I played around with this rather a lot, with tears running down my face at some of the options, before settling on a normal-looking character to upload..

Purple overload?  Of course!  I have a great excuse for this game too, because purple is the Saints’ colour 😀

The Initiation Station has improved a great deal on the customisation available in Saints Row 2, with more individual sliders rather than categories for body size and shape.. including the “sex-appeal” setting which basically just enlarges boobs or crotch.  There are loads of hair colours and styles, make-up, tattoos, and of course clothes.. including some weird-looking bondage gear, furry and superhero outfits.. and the option to go without clothes if you should wish.. though things will be blurred 😉

Unlike in Saints Row 2, you start off with your choice of clothes rather than the prison jumpsuit.. as in Saints Row: The Third, your character and the Saints have the run of the city.. you start at the top.  I better get there first, and complete Saints Row 2!

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