Saints Row 2: Gentlemen of the Row

I came across IdolNinja’s Gentlemen of the Row mod for Saints Row 2 by chance, while reading the comments on the end of an article for the latest installment in the Saints Row series, Saints Row: The Third..

I grabbed Saints Row 2 for the PC almost two years ago, and quickly found a gamepad essential.  While running around with my purple-haired freak was passable, driving without the gamepad consisted of crashing left and right across the road with virtually no forward progress.  I know I’m not the best driver in games, but I can usually keep the car in my own lane!  With the gamepad, I made some progress.. till I got to a mission that required a lot of driving, and got stuck slightly.  Around the same time, I met a certain friend who started inviting me to lots of Left 4 Dead.. and Saints Row 2 ended up accidentally abandoned.

Not only does the Gentlemen of the Row mod fix some of the bugs and performance issues in the PC version, it also adds new content, from clothes and tattoos to extra weapons and missions!  A friend also tried out the mod.. and came back with rather a lot of praise for it!

I had a slight technical hitch getting started.. the game doesn’t like me having two monitors, so I had to disable one, start up the game and put it into windowed mode, before getting my second monitor back on again.  After that though.. I went with a new game.

Having proper controller keymapping made the tutorial much less hit and miss, and when I got out of jail, driving was passable, though still not great.  I can’t honestly say whether the game is running more smoothly now due to the mod, or the upgrade on my PC.

I attempted some streaking, though as I’d not yet been to rescue Johnny Gat from the court, I think that prevented me clocking anything up in terms of respect, or stats on people having seen me streak.  I went to put some clothes on before carrying on with the story.. as crazy as this game is, having a blur-censored character running around in the cut-scene would feel really silly.  Where would she keep all those guns?!

I also had a go at the Crowd Control activity.. I don’t think I came across it last time round.. not that I got all that far with the story either!  I aim to get this game completed before picking up Saints Row: The Third 😉

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