Galagiveaways is Live!

Galagiveaways is the new giveaway website from IndieGala, where users can host and enter giveaways for Steam games.

To use the site, players must have a public Steam profile and a total value of games above $50, and must log in to the site with their Steam account.  Players are awarded a number of Giveaway Points based on the value of games owned, plus 2500 for registering: more Giveaway Points can be earned by hosting Giveaways, and in the future, through exchanging the loyalty points earned when buying IndieGala bundles. (more…)

The Steam Summer Sale Has Begun!

The Steam Summer Sale is now live, and will be running from July 12th to July 22nd!

Several bundles, including eleven indie bundles, were leaked last week, but each day also brings other heavily-discounted games!

New deals will appear each day.  Every eight hours there’s also the Community’s Choice, where you can vote for your favourite of three offers on display, and several Flash Deals, which are available for a much shorter time!

Steam Summer Sale Leaked?

According to various sources, part of Steam’s summer sale has been leaked, with information on the Bundles having been discovered via the Open SteamWorks CDR database.

The Steam Summer Sale will be an eleven-day promotion, with an indie bundle per day as well as bundles from larger publishers and developers.. any individual titles, not part of a bundle, haven’t yet been revealed. (more…)