Bundle Fest Continues With RPG Champions 2

Bundle Star’s Bundle Fest 3 enters its second week, and this week will be launching two bundles every day!

RPG Champions 2 Bundle

Today’s new launches include the return of the LEGO Lord of the Rings Bundle, and the all-new RPG Champions 2 Bundle, available now for £7.59!  This bundle brings together eight classic role playing Steam games, allowing players to experience some of the most epic quests available.

Discover a huge fantasy land with Lethal and his elite party in Lethal RPG: War, explore the sinister Darkwood Forest in Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy RPG gamebook The Forest of Doom, and immerse yourself in a game that combines both rhythm and role-playing elements to create an entirely unique experience in Before the Echo.  In all, there are 8 massive Steam games filled with quests and hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.

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