Battle for Mount Hyjal Complete!

We attempted to clear this raid during the week, but weren’t able to get past Azgalor..

Take two, then!  As our Mage produces the highest DPS in our group, he was given the soulstone so he could res after being killed by Doom when it was his turn.  He was the first to die in this fight, but got marked up again as soon as he was back up!

Although we were slowly winning the fight, Azgalor was still applying Doom and killing us.  Our tank was the last man standing, and finished Azgalor off before the debuff was applied to him. 🙂

We left the Horde encampment and went on to the Night Elf area, and Archimonde, the final boss..

Archimonde was more painful.. his mechanic involves throwing us into the air at intervals, and we’re meant to use the Tears of the Goddess to slow the fall.  After being thrown, I discovered the Tears of the Goddess didn’t last very long.. applying it straight after being thrown meant it wore out and I hit the ground hard.  I think I’ll stick to Levitate!

On our second attempt, I was thrown far from the fight, only getting back in time for Archimonde to fear the group away, meaning I couldn’t heal the tank and he died.  Our mage then tanked for a while, with my smite-healing providing enough to keep him up until the next fear, which disrupted us too much.

There were no freak accidents on the third time round, and once we brought him down to low health, we were joined by a load of Ancient Wisps for the last part of the fight, and an invulnerability buff thanks to Tyrande Whisperwind let us attack without fear.

Group photo! 😀

Battle for Mount Hyjal

After completing Black Temple a couple of days back, we decided Mount Hyjal would be next..

Part of the Caverns of Time, this area exists in a kind of bubble in time, with Archimonde trying to steal power from the World Tree.  I’m told this ties in a little with the Warcraft III storyline.. which I have yet to complete.  I need a bubble in time!

In the first stage, we found ourselves in an Alliance camp, with Lady Jaina Proudmoore waiting for us and plenty of Alliance troops standing around.  Talking to her set off the event.. and the first wave of zombies appeared.  Once we killed them the next wave appeared.. and in turn they were followed by more waves, including Crypt Fiends and Abominations which I imagine would have been harder if we were lower level.

There was only just enough time in between rounds to loot.. hoping for random interesting drops 😉

After eight waves, the first boss appeared: the lich Rage Winterchill..

Our tactics here were just simply “hit him”.  That was fine until he started freezing us in place and putting down a painful Death and Decay!  Once we know about that those of us who could, kept out of range.

Following his defeat, we had more waves of zombies, and I switched to using mind sear as there really wasn’t any healing to be done, and I wanted to help kill.  As before there were several waves, which were easy for our little group 🙂

The boss after this wave was the massive demon Anetheron.. we had pulled back into the town so the Alliance guards would help us.  Just as well we did.. his attacks involved putting us to sleep and then summoning Towering Infernals.. I quite honestly spent more time asleep than awake!

One of the group decided to switch to his Warlock, as he wanted to grab some of the gear drops.

While he was away, we went looking around the demon area.. after getting rid of the Abominations on the way in, of course.

I love the buildings.. especially the Slaughterhouse with the spikes on the upper ring 🙂

We made a few friends when we got too close, but fled on the bike rather than take them all on!

The next stage involved the camp being over-run with demons.. Jaina teleported away with all her Alliance troops, leaving us all to run away up the mountain.  At the top of the mountain was a Horde encampment, with Thrall waiting for us..

As with the previous area, waves of zombies started to enter the camp.. however this time, some of the waves brought gargoyles from different directions, which made it a little tricky since there were only four of us.. and then three as one of the group temporarily disconnected!

Following the ‘trash’ waves, Kaz’rogal appeared.. a massive guy with a massive sword..
Our Orc Warrior, Vorlak, looks like a mini-pet standing in front of him 😉

This boss took a while to kill as he had a lot of health.. but otherwise he wasn’t hard to fight.. no putting us to sleep, or silencing the mage or myself.

Our Warlock went to bed as it was getting late, but we decided to carry on with the next waves of trash mobs, as the raid was going to reset by the following evening.  The gargoyles and frost wyrms were no problem, but when it came time for the boss, it was a different story.

The fourth boss was Azgalor..

We didn’t last very long.. although otherwise manageable, he applies Doom, a debuff which kills a player and spawns a demon in their place.  This debuff is unavoidable.. which means we need to kill him before he casts it on each player.. clearly we weren’t going to be able to do it with only three of us, so we decided to call it a night there.