Metro: Last Light Due on 17th May

Metro: Last Light is to be released by new publisher Deep Silver on the 14th May (Americans) and  for the rest of us, on the 17th May 2013!

Metro: Last Light


THQ Problems Continue, Metro Delayed

Rumours have been circulating for a while now in regards to THQ’s financial situation and the position of their future titles.  While THQ eventually denied the rumours that they were to cancel their 2014 line-up, their financial situation has not improved; their share value remains under the $1 mark which means they are at risk of NASDAQ delisting, more job losses have been reported, and recently published figures show $55.9 million in losses in the last quarter.

The latest release schedule shows that Metro: Last Light has been pushed back to early 2013, from a summer 2012 release.  The reason for this delay is said to be so developer 4A Games can polish the game before release, but we’ll be hearing more closer to E3.

As for Vigil Games‘ 40k MMO Dark Millennium Online: while the game is still on for a 2014 release, Brian Farrell confirmed during the investor call on Feb 2nd that THQ is looking for a partner to help complete the title (via Eurogamer).