Sins of a Dark Age

Ironclad, creator of Sins of a Solar Empire, have recently announced their second game: Sins of a Dark Age!

Sins of a Dark Age is a team-based RTS hybrid, with teams consisting of one Commander and a group of Heroes, who face enemy teams or co-operate against AI in a variety of scenarios.  Players can choose to take on the role of either Commander or one of the Heroes, with the Commander overseeing the battle while the Heroes take on the enemy on the front line.

The Commander is responsible for building a base with strategically placed defenses, training troops and sending them out to capture resources, assault positions and support your Heroes.  The Commander also has access to special ‘Realm Powers’, which include for example, the ability to summon a dragon to fight on your side!

The Hero take on the enemies on the front line.  Success in battle results in rewards of experience, abilities and items, as well as glory on the leaderboards.  In addition to the leaderboards, players will be able to track their stats, spectate games, and even upload and watch replays.

The game will be free to play, but with new Heroes, Commanders and skins available for purchase to support development.  The developer has noted that there will be no way to buy power in the game; players must rely on their skill to obtain power.

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