Revisiting Minecraft

With just a little surprise, I realise it’s about three years since I’ve played Minecraft.. back in 2012, on a friend’s Tekkit server.  Literally a lifetime ago, as the little guy has come along since then.  I also figured out that I first played it all the way back in 2010!  Two lifetimes!  Time to reinstall and have another look, I think 😉

So.. survival or creative?  I loved exploring huge, dark caverns with the threat of mobs appearing from nowhere.. but the lure of diamonds pulling me on.  I also loved building and decorating, though that really took off with the addition of VoxelSniper, when I was able to carve out huge caverns..

Inside the City

This time, I’m not going to bother with mods.  I don’t have a server up and running, and feel it would be a waste to have Tim or Jason set one up just for a bit of messing around.. we’re all a bit too busy at the moment for decent gaming sessions!  So vanilla Minecraft.. and since I’m on Windows 10 now, I’m checking out the Windows 10 Edition Beta, which is free for all those who already own Minecraft for PC/Mac.

My first ‘day’ went smoothly.. I wandered, found some pretty new flowers, chopped some wood, made a few items.. and slapped together a wooden sword, figuring I may as well take on the first night’s beasties.

I was not prepared for the fast-moving and tiny zombies I met!

Creepy Baby Zombies

Baby zombies!  The screenshot doesn’t really show them off well, but urgh, screenshotting isn’t very nice.  Windows key + Alt + PrtScn requires both hands, which means aiming is out, as is any kind of defence.  I was glad of the Windows 10 browser, which opened up to show me exactly where my screenshots were too.. no prodding around within Windows to find the correct folder 🙂

Creepers, spiders.. and then in the daytime, a bit more exploring revealed some new materials that at first I thought were gravel.. andesite and diorite, which I’ll figure out later.  There are also a few new (to me) interfaces and I don’t know whether they’re part of the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, or just updates to the game.

Minecraft_ Windows 10 Edition Beta 24_09_2015 22_34_32

I haven’t found the key to allow me to move the whole stack of an item, so transferring larger stacks to a chest, or even into the furnace, was a bit annoying.  However, so far everything else is great, and hopefully next time, I’ll be able to get out and find a village..

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