First Wonder Kickstarter Launched

Indie developer Rogue Rocket Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their third-person action adventure game First Wonder, described as a hilarious, genre-bending spiritual successor to the critically-acclaimed classics MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto!

A hands-on multiplayer demo of First Wonder is available to attendees of the first annual TwitchCon, at Booth #9 in the Indie Game Garage in the Main Expo Hall.

First Wonder is an epic David v.s Goliath story set on the islands of the alien planet Majorca.  When a greedy corporation arrives with plans to construct a luxury hotel and kick out the island’s peaceful inhabitants, they uncovered a mysterious fossil of unknown origin.  Fueled by vanity and greed, the corporation props up the fossil as a tourist attraction.

Their plans are foiled when the fossil transforms and the terrifying giant Monstro awakens!

First Wonder Screenshot

Monstro sets off on a destructive path to fulfil an ancient prophecy, and a lowly group of salvage workers, The Cargonauts, are tasked with stopping him.  Armed with a variety of weapons and jetpacks, the team must use all of the tools at their disposal to try and match Monstro’s extraordinary abilities.  Players will be able to take the reigns of both The Cargonauts and Monstro in alternating chapters in a humor-filled singleplayer campaign and online via asymmetric multiplayer.

“It’s an amazing and highly-anticipated day for us,” said Nick Bruty, Co-Founder of Rogue Rocket Games.  “Giants and MDK hold a special place in the hearts of myself and many fans, and the chance to finally make a successor to those games almost puts me at a loss for words.  The seedlings of First Wonder have been in my mind since the days of Giants. Through our Kickstarter campaign, we’re hoping the fans can support us to make this dream a reality.”

“Nick and I have been planning First Wonder for so long!  It’s a wonderful feeling giving the gaming community a look at what we hope to accomplish with First Wonder.  Their support will be instrumental,” said Rogue Rocket Games Co-Founder Richard Sun.  “First Wonder is unlike anything out there right now.  It’s got everything that fans of Nick’s previous titles love, and so much more.”

First Wonder is also up on Steam Greenlight.

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