Re-rolling Arithon

Arithon, an Undead Rogue, was one of my first characters, back when I first had my trial and didn’t have a clue.  I tried out a few different characters to get an idea about what I would like to do, and I ended up playing mostly with Kirria.

Consequently, I had an upper 20s rogue which I had no idea how to play, and who had spent the last few months sitting at an Innkeeper’s feet in Thousand Needles.  So I re-rolled him, and he was joined by Erinthor, a friend’s Paladin.  We started out in Deathknell, and so far it’s been a hell of a lot more fun than the previous early levelling.

In part, I think it’s because I know a lot more about how to play an MMO, what gear I should be picking up, all the basic stuff that just seemed so confusing when I first started out.  Also, as our Recruit A Friend XP bonus is no longer in effect, there’s not the same insane push to get to the next area as we out-level the quests.. and then.. there’s the new quests, which are awesome! 🙂

Some are just fun.. such as capturing a Murloc for a lonely guy.. while others have a hell of a lot more plot and character motivation in them.

Lillian Voss has cropped up a few times, firstly as a newly undead character who wasn’t adapting to her new situation, then as she tried to find her father, only to discover that he wanted her dead.  Harsh.

I’ve loved the quests involving the Worgen so far.. there has been rather a lot of phasing as events unfold.

One quest had us head to Fenris Isle to turn the humans into Forsaken, but we were beaten there by the Worgen.. who gave the humans a choice: become Worgen, or be turned by the Plague.  The humans chose to drink blood and become Worgen, and our Val’kyr escorts told us to run, then unceremoniously picked us up and flew.

Elsewhere when we’ve encountered the Worgen we’ve had plenty of fighting, and Stealth-Shadowstep-Ambush is starting to feel quite good! 🙂

This even extended to the Deadmines run just before bed last night, which was far easier to handle than I expected, despite not being completely confident with the Rogue.

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