Peacebloom vs Ghouls, and Quest Giver Kirria!

I spent many, many hours playing Plants vs Zombies, so WoW’s version, Peacebloom vs Ghouls, was always going to be on the cards..  I had temporarily forgotten about it though, until I found myself surrounded in Orgrimmar by a number of players with little Sunflower pets, singing away!

The game appears as a small quest chain in the Hillsbrad Foothills, roughly on the spot where the Lordamere Internment camps were..  I remember killing mobs here a while back for cloth. 🙂

Anyways, Brazie the Botanist has a problem.. he’s got zombies on his lawn!

The first few levels were really easy, providing a new plant each time and small waves of zombies to kill off.  Later levels meant faster and harder zombies though.. with the final boss, Warden Stillwater, requiring a lot of firepower to taken down.

I loved this version of the game.. it’s a shame that you can’t actually play anymore once the quest chain is complete.  I still have Plants vs Zombies, of course, but I’d like both versions 😉

After completing the chain, I got my very own Singing Sunflower..

Still going strong on the pet collecting. 🙂

While out that way, I was sent in the direction of a brilliant set of quests which really mock certain player types..  I was given the task of handing out orders to the “lowly scrubs” who turned up.

First came “Dumass”.. a wonderful parody of a noob, all caps and not really listening.  The second was “Kingslayer Orkus”, representing the elitist jerk, and the third “Jonny Awesome”, sitting astride a sparkly horse and being condescending about the quest..

I then headed off to check up on my “players”..

Dumass had gotten all tied up down the mine and needed rescuing..
While here, I also did another low level quest to capture some humans.  More pets!   Though sadly not ones for keeping..

I returned Dumass to safety, and was relieved of my Captured Hillsbrad Humans, before heading to the Ruins of Southshore to check up on Kingslayer Orkus.

I found Orkus “drowning”..

He was standing in shallow water.. priceless!
Orkus had more quests, and I stuck with him despite the low level as they were fairly engaging.. the newer quests really have been improved..

We went off to Purgation Isle.. I’d only ever been here before while getting the Explorer title, but we came to track down the Human mage and Dwarf warrior who had thrown Orkus in the water where I first found him.

At the top, Orkus told me he would take out the guard, and that I should grab the plans and get out of there, while he fought with the Human and Dwarf.  I was expecting more parody, and had also forgotten that this was supposed to be a low level quest.. so I was suprised by what actually happened.
I ended up riding Kasha, Orkus’ mount, while he yelled for her to get me out of there.  She didn’t listen though, and went back to save him, which I thought was pretty cool 🙂

I was just starting to wonder what was next when Orkus died.. for a character who started off as a bit of a joke, I ended up feeling rather sorry for him.

The third “player”, Johnny Awesome, brought things back with some comic relief..

Having gone to the Sludge Fields, Johnny’s sparkly horse, Twinkles, had been killed by one of the hideous mutations, and he was sobbing on the floor.  To add insult to injury, Warden Stillwater had mistaken him for a girl, the love of his life, in fact, and has asked me to go and find him!

If these quests are representative of the new content, I think I’m going to have problems getting off WoW for a while..

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