Nioki Adventure

Nioki Adventure is a co-operative 2D sandbox game planned for released on PC and Xbox 360, and the first game for French indie studio, Bidogames.

The website for the game has launched today: check it out here.

Lead designer, Marc Lejeune, told us that they want to keep what makes Terraria-like games great.. Nioki Adventure will incorporate crafting and exploration, as well as a main questline with secondary tasks involving fighting as well as building.. which will require co-operation in order to complete!

The game also has RPG elements: your character is constantly evolving, with a leveling system and skill tree, as well as customisation options.

Two screenshots have been released for the game, showing off a bright, colourful environment as well as a darker, underground level.

The team are committed to listening to the community, and welcome suggestions for the game.. enemies, environments, items and more.  As well as keeping up to date on the website, you can follow them on Twitter: @NiokiAdventure.

I really love the look of this game, and I’ll be waiting for more news! 🙂

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