Minecraft – Wolves

After playing Darkspore this evening, I joined a friend on our Minecraft server to see if we could find some wolves, which were added in the recent update.  To get wolves to follow you around as pets, you need to tame them by feeding them bones until little hearts appear above their heads..:)

I love the sound they make as they shake the water from their fur.. 🙂

Wolves only spawn in forests or on snowy ground, so while we were in the forest, we grabbed all the wolves we saw.
Normally it takes just a few bones to tame a wolf.. but one wanted eight bones before he would come with me!

Wolves are liable to fall off ledges if mountaineering.. but they come to your assistance when fighting mobs: they will fight anything that attacks their owner, as well as protecting them.

I got myself killed when I accidentally hit my friend’s wolf.. then a little later we ended up with two wolves fighting to the death..
My friend tried to remove a sand block trapping my wolf, but this counted as a hit on the wolf.  When he then tried to attack, my friend’s wolf defended him, resulting in the wolf-fight.

We now have the beginnings of a nice, safe path between our spawn area and the forest where we found the wolves.. aptly named “The Breeding Ground” 🙂

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