Minecraft for the Xbox 360

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, 4J Studio‘s ported version of Minecraft, came out on Wednesday, and apparently broke the Day 1 sales records for the Xbox LIVE arcade and becoming profitable within the first hour!  Tim won a copy of the game, so he finally had a go.. watching him encounter zombies and creepers was amusing 🙂

I planned to have just a quick go, to compare it against the PC version which I’ve sunk many, many hours into.  As usual, I spent my first night up on a pole.. I’ve never been keen on the hole in the ground method!  Once I had some resources gathered, it was on to the crafting..

There have been a few changes to crafting, making it a lot easier to use!  The system allows you to navigate through categories and then just click on the item you want to make.. and as long as you have the ingredients to hand, the item will appear in your inventory.

This system even tells you what you need, removing the old reliance on the wiki as well as removing the need to drag items around to make anything.  I was rather glad of this change, as moving a cursor when using gamepad isn’t exactly one of my favourite things.. and though it could be said to remove the trial and error from the game, there isn’t a lot of trial and error if you’ve got the wiki open on a second monitor 😉

As it’s an Xbox game, there are achievements to collect too.. twenty of them, for a total of 400 Gamerpoints.

Because there’s an achievement, I’ve started to build a railroad!

This is the first time I’ve bothered for myself, as all the rail on our multiplayer server was put together by someone else and I just wasn’t interested enough to get involved in that when there were other things to build..

The achievement is for travelling 500m.. this track goes all the way to the building in the distance, but that doesn’t seem to be far enough.  I set this up with a hill at either end, as I only had a little gold.  Riding it all the way, then hoping it’d make it up the slope at the far side reminded me a little of my rollercoasters in old favourite Rollercoaster Tycoon! 😀

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is a port of an older build of the PC version of Minecraft, so it’s missing quite a few updates such as the hunger meter, sprinting, jungle biomes and ocelots.. and the game world is quite limited, unlike the PC version, with maps capped at 1024×1024.  Updates will be coming over the next months, but it’s not known if it will catch up with the PC version.

This version does have splitscreen for up to four players, as well as online multiplayer, though only with other 360 users.  Sadly it won’t connect to our PC server gameworlds.. and there are no custom skins, only versions of the Steve skin.  I want my Kirria skin! 😉

If I’m honest.. once I’ve got the achievements, I’ll probably only return to this version for split-screen, or to play with people who don’t have the PC version.  I feel like this is more of a demo of the game.. the small size of the maps means any designs I build will always be limited by size, location and building materials.. and I quite like being able to walk through a large range of buildings as we can on our multiplayer server.

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