Five Days Till Diablo III and Other Stuff

There’s just five days left till Diablo III is released!

The Mark of Valor Sigils are now unlocked on the website, so you can create your own banner for each character to use in-game, using your own uploaded photographs or designs.  Blizzard have also made a Launch Day Preparation Guide.. purchasing, downloading, creating a Battletag and so on.

They don’t suggest what to do while waiting these last five days, tho 😉

The Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative was released for free via Steam on Tuesday.. and it really is as easy to use as they said it would be.

Objects can be added to your map from the menu at the side, and extra controls are accessed via a simple right-click menu, while the room itself can be changed by pulling and pushing highlighted sections of the wall.  There are now over fifteen thousand community-made maps on the Steam Workshop..

Of course, some of the community maps were made using the Portal 2 Authoring Tools and Hammer, which allows for more detail and control, but the in-game editor is a good starting place!

Less good news came in regards to BioShock Infinite, which is to be delayed to February next year.  I say “less good new”, rather than “bad news”, as the delay is due to the development team wanting to add some improvements and tweaks.. we’ll get a better game for the delay.

And to mention another delayed game.. Black Mesa: Source!  There’s been so little news about the development of this homage to Half Life that it seemed as if it was never going to be finished.. but RPS have posted an interview with the developers: Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here 🙂

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