Limbo, part 1

We had the office pup for a few nights while the boss was away.. and since the pup has taken a liking to chewing live power leads recently, I decided I needed to stay in the lounge, away from my PC and all the lovely wires underneath..

I picked up Limbo for the 360 some time back, but due to moving house, and with the requirement to play alone to avoid accidentally revealing solutions to Tim, the game had stayed untouched.  Limbo is a side-scrolling puzzle platform game, brilliantly atmospheric with a shadowy black and white world and creepy ambient sounds..

This post is rather spoiler-ish, and I’ve not used tags for the simple reason I’d be hiding more of the text than I’d be leaving visible.
There are also spiders in this post.. though there are no pictures of them, as I can’t grab from the 360 at the moment 😉

A post of this length wouldn’t feel right without screenshots, so until I can add my own, I’ve used some from the gallery on their website..

After waking up.. glowing white eyes opening, and the little boy sitting up in the near-silence.. I immediately did the usual check of the space to the left, in the opposite direction to where convention says to go.  There, I picked up my first achievement, “Wrong Way”! 🙂

Going the right way, I eventually came across a massive spider which seemed to be waiting for something..  I had a horrible idea that ‘something’ was me getting closer.. of course, it was.  The closest leg raised, pointed, then pulled back.. and slammed into the ground with a thud.  I tried to run under the legs only to hit something in the shadows, and was flung back and then stabbed through by the first leg before I could even get to my feet.  Awesomely gruesome.. but there was more to come!

The solution to this first spider involves a trap, which is sitting on a branch before you arrive at the spider, but is flung to the ground after the spider stabs the ground twice.   Revolted by the solution in mind, I took the trap to the spider, and caught his leg as he tried to impale me.  There was a recoil, but the spider stayed where he was.

Eww.  One was bad.. but I have to snip off all the legs?

Three turned out to be all I needed to get past, but I then had the thought of an angry five-legged spider pursuing me.. so when I found myself trapped in some webbing on the ground I assumed it was time for another death animation.  Instead, the five-legged spider wrapped me in a cocoon to save for later.  He then wandered off, and I made my escape.. hopping along in a cocoon! 🙂

One of the earliest things I’d seen about Limbo was a video playthrough involving a different spider chase, and I came to this section a little further on.  Easy, after seeing the walkthrough, though.  I wouldn’t have watched the video if I’d known I was going to get the game.. but I’d probably not have bought the game if I’d not seen the video and got some interest in it.

There was another spider to come, though this one was less threat and more revulsion.

Two boys appeared on the far side of a spike trap, fired at me, then ran away.  The ground blew up behind me, and I went to look.. to see a twitching spider carcass, which tried to stab at me with his one remaining leg before he died!

I said revulsion, right?

Just as the solution to the first spider of the game had given me a sick feeling, so did my initial idea of the solution to this one.  The spike trap awaited.. and here was something which could make a nice path over the spikes.

The carcass wouldn’t move when pushed, so I went to pull the thing by the leg.. and the leg came off with a little splash and sticky, wet sound.
The leg then dropped to the floor, and I was unable to pick it up.. leaving me with just the spider’s body..

A spider’s body, and a spike-trap.. and I must have whimpered, because the pup came running over to see what was going on!

I played a little further on before taking the pup for a walk, and have no idea how far through I am.
I’m hoping to get something sorted for screen capture, for the next time I play, though maybe I’ll resist screenshots of the spiders 😉

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