We finally rolled our Goblin characters.. Scragglefizz and Fizwik.

Fizwik is a Hunter, and Scragglefizz is a Shaman.
Goblin totems are these rather interesting drill-looking things.. when I got my first totem I was rather pleased I’d gone Shaman 🙂

I absolutely loved the Goblin starting area; it just seems to have been designed to go a bit wild in!  There are little roads everywhere, and one of the first things you’re given is a Hot Rod to go and collect your friends in.  There was rather a lot of accidental bumping of pedestrians, followed by more intentional bumping as they yelled at us 🙂

We also got to take charge of a modified Shredder to kick ‘footbombs’.. Deathwing appeared over the mountain as we were kicking balls, and of course, I went for firing them at him as he flew overhead 😉

It was then that the mountain starts to blow.. so the next quests involved collecting riches and attempting to get off the island.. the only boat being that of Trade Prince Galliwix, who does a double-cross as you hand over your life savings!  Can I kill him?  I want to kill him..

The ship then heads for Azshara, but meets some ships en-route.. and the Alliance blasted us!  We washed up with the wreckage on the shores of The Lost Isles..and after gathering supplies, getting rid of some pestering monkeys and attaching fireworks to cluckers.. the goblins had to settle this new area.

This meant the Town-In-A-Box came out..

(Screenshot taken from Wowhead, since I was too busy being excited about a big pile of explosives to take one myself!)

Hitting the plunger set off some seriously impressive phasing as we were blasted up into the air in a cloud of smoke, to come down in the middle of a small town 🙂

If you want to see this without playing through the levels, there’s a video on Youtube: Town-In-A-Box Creation.


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