I came across Josh Sutphin‘s rapid-fire RTS Fail-Deadly thanks to a high-score challenge competition on Eurogamer.  As it’s a Unity game, it runs nicely in a web browser without the need to download anything.. so trying it out is a no-brainer really 😉

The game has two opposing factions at war, and you.  You’re a sly third party with secret agents hidden within both factions, and your goal is the destruction of both factions!  Every five seconds, a building or power-up appears in the build queue, for you to deploy to the map.  It then belongs to whoever’s side of the map you placed it on, and produces units for that faction, or provides a boost for them.

This turns into a balancing act, as you don’t want either side to win.. instead, you want them to keep fighting until you can force them into nuclear war, where mutual destruction is assured!  The longer you can get them to hold out, the higher your score 🙂

However, in pursuit of a very high score, I found a slight flaw.  The boosts stop coming once each faction has three of each, which makes the game easier.. and the longer you last, the less each new item matters in the balance.  I guess chasing silly high scores wasn’t quite expected! 🙂

I also had a quick look at the developer’s blog, and I found this.. a quick overview of the techniques he used in making the game.  It’s not a beginner’s tutorial.. those can actually be found on the Unity forums, but I love it when developers share info like this.. the more people learn, the more awesome games we’ll end up with 🙂

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