Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is an iOS physics puzzler developed by ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo back in 2010 for both iOS and Android, and later for the iPad.

I’m very late to the party with Cut The Rope, I know.. but I finally got to play it after I saw on RockPaperShotgun that a browser version had appeared!

The object of the game is to feed candy to a cute green monster called “Om Nom”.. said candy being attached to ropes which you must cut so the candy falls into Om Nom’s waiting mouth.  After the first few levels, this means cutting the right ropes in the right order so you can get the candy into his mouth.

As well as guiding the candy to Om Nom, there are stars to collect on each level, which can mean swinging the candy away from Om Nom.. going for the stars means thinking then cutting 😉

If you drop the candy rather than getting it to Om Nom, he’ll be sad..

Later levels require more planning and timing, as you have to use bubbles and bellows to help move the candy, while avoiding spike traps, and other hazards.  These include spiders.. good because they snare the candy and swing it into stars, but bad because they then start reeling in the candy too!

There’s also a Behind the Scenes section on the site for those wanting to know a bit more about HTML5 and the development of games such as this one!

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