Adventure Craft and Zelda Adventure

Another Minecraft-related recommendation by a friend.. this time with the requirement for a mod called Adventure Craft.  (more detail).

Zelda Adventure is an adventure map inspired by The Legend of Zelda, which uses Adventure Craft as a base.  After installing Adventure Craft, I saw a rather large number of other maps too, some of which may be worth a look too 🙂

I prefer to avoid reading up on games before playing them as it tends to ruin the surprise, and with mods, you never know if there’s going to be enough direction so you don’t just end up walking around aimlessly.  There were enough directions here though.. on loading in I got a cutscene with Zelda calling for help.. the mission.. and then a second cutscene showing me where to go first..

Into a little cave, where I met an Old Man who had a gift for me 🙂

The Adventure Craft mod means that maps can be created with non-destroyable blocks, which means players have to go down the routes made for them, rather than digging through if they want to cheat.  I wonder how easy it is to learn how to use..

On my way towards the first dungeon, I met my first slime!  I’ve not managed to find a single one on our multiplayer server so far, though since Slimes were added, I’ve not discovered many new caves..

This slime died on the fall down to the path, but in the dungeon, I met more.. one large one which appeared right in front of me, making me scream, and then a large group of them.  As well as monsters, the dungeon contained a few puzzles, including a rather infuriating jumping puzzle which took a while to get right and complete in time..

Eventually I managed to light the torch at the far side, allowing entry into the next area, where there were more slimes and a skeleton to fight.  So far so good..

The first dungeon’s boss was a massive slime.. his main attack involves landing on the player, where he can kill almost instantly.

I think the smaller ones look fine, but the texture is a bit lacking on this massive one.. though when you’re fighting with it it’s not exactly the first thing you’re thinking..

The second dungeon was full of skeletons.. warriors, archers.. and jumping puzzles with the addition of spikes!  This dungeon finished with a Skeleton Boss who was rather hard to kill..

The Skeleton Boss was customised to shoot four arrows at once.. and he doesn’t take damage from the player’s sword..

He had to be enticed over the spikes in the corners to kill him.. but eventually he died, leaving only a mess of arrows behind.

Here’s where I found a little problem.. I didn’t receive any loot.

This meant that I was unable to enter the third dungeon when I eventually discovered it at Lake Hylia.. the door was locked and I should have had the key from here.  I tried going through the dungeon again, but there was still no loot, and I didn’t really want to start the whole game over..

The game isn’t yet complete, so I might leave it till I can play the whole thing through.  In the meantime there are plenty more mods.. 🙂

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