Void is a Source-based puzzle game made by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, where the player can access the past to alter the present, solve puzzles and escape!  I was told about this one earlier in the week, and was rather excited by the idea 🙂

The player can look into the past using time glasses, allowing you to see objects you might want to use, or an alternate route through the room.

The past looked a lot nicer than this grimy, ruined present!

You can also rip open time and create a bubble of the past in the present.. for example, I used it to climb a staircase which has been destroyed in the present.  Elsewhere, I pulled bubbles of water from the past into my path so I could swim across otherwise impassable routes.

These rips don’t last long, so you want to do your planning and looking around with the glasses, and then use rips to solve puzzles.

While the puzzles for the game progression itself were all rather easy, I was stumped by one of the collectible portraits, hung high in one of the rooms.  I tried using rips to walk along a balcony to get closer, but was blocked by the railing, and when I thought I’d managed to get one of the display cases to appear, I seemed to fall through it rather than land on it.  Maybe this part wasn’t finished..

I loved the design of the game, and though it looked a little rough in places, expecting much more from a mod or student work is hopeful at best.  The only part that really bothered me was the tips from the Books of Knowledge.. the later ones gave me tips after I’d already discovered them, and I think they would have been better placed nearer the start of the game.

The game is rather short, though there is a mention of more to come.. maybe this team of students will get hired to make a full game 🙂

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