Vermintide Review – Rats in the Belfry

Disclaimer: The keys for this review were provided by the developer, Fatshark Games.

Well this one took me longer than expected as I wanted to get a decent play through of the release version of Vermintide, and unfortunately a weekend with intermittent internet coupled with the recent patches to the game (and some downtime of the central servers) hampered that for me.


Never fear however, connectivity has been restored and I’ve been able to get in some rat bashing to give me a decent perspective on Fatsharks Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide.

If you haven’t done so already, you can read Kris thoughts on the Vermintide beta here, and my thoughts here, then on top of that my first thoughts on the launch can be found here.


Vermintide Launch – First Thoughts

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide officially launched on the 23rd of October. Unfortunately I was away most of the weekend so didn’t really get chance to sit down and play much of it, and I’m still playing catch up for a full review.

That said however, of what I have played so far  since launch, all of the positive items covered by Kris’ first look as well as my own still stand. The combat still caries that same weight, and the game play is still ridiculously fun!


Star Wars Battlefront Beta: Disappointingly Average

I decided to take a break from Wildstar and Destiny this weekend to give the Star Wars Battlefront beta a try.

battlefront logo

Being a Sci-Fi geek its pretty much a given that I’m a big Star Wars fan, and although I haven’t touched a battlefield game since Battlefield 3, I do have fond memories of that series of games, as well as the original Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront II.


Vermintide: Jason’s Thoughts

As Kris mentioned here in her article, we were lucky enough to get access to the Vermintide beta this week, something I personally was really looking forward too, as being a bit of a Warhammer fan, I’ve been looking forward to Vermintide since it was first announced.

Warhammer The End Times Vermintide

For those not in the know, Vermintide is a first person survival game set in the Warhammer classic universe, during an event called the End Times, the Warhammer worlds cataclysmic apocalypse. The short of it is the forces of chaos, thanks to their Everchosen, have started to invade the world, and are planning on wiping out everybody. Because Chaos.


Dead Island Announced

I checked Twitter this morning to see a few comments about an amazing trailer for Dead Island, visually and emotionally stunning, with some suggesting it might be the best trailer of the year..

Dead Island is a game being made by Techland and published by Deep Silver, and is an open-ended survival horror first-person shooter with RPG elements.. and zombies.  Zombies?  Count me interested..

I watched the trailer expecting to see hordes of zombies, some sort of survivors, maybe some guns, definitely some gore.  My initial amazement at the trailer, and the close-up of the dead zombie child, turned towards horror as I realised it was all in reverse chronological order..

(Trailer from IGN).

After watching, I felt really, really bad for the family.. but no less interested in the game!

It seems there’s quite a range of views on the trailer, with some condemning it for portraying a child’s death.. and some going as far as to say this sort of content is ‘wrong’.  I think the trailer does a great job.  You’re meant to feel the despair and horror of all those lives lost.. that little family ripped apart..

I really hate the pro-censorship types who have been parading their views around the web recently.  There are far worse things shown on the news.. things that are happening to real people.. but this lot would rather try to stamp on the games industry.  Pfft.