Tridek: Creatures of Galena – Preview

Tridek: Creatures of Galena is a digital trading card game by Bit Barons and dreamfab, planned for PC, Mac and mobile devices, with cross-platform multiplayer.

Tridek - Creatures of Galena

Tridek is still in early beta, so there may be a few changes to come.. but it currently stands as a promising game with a rather interesting resource management system as well as a Victory Point system designed to make every card count.

The game is set on Galena, a partially terraformed planet where dangerous creatures roam freely across numerous climates and terrain features.  Players journey to take part in the interstellar sport, Tridek, a tournament to show who is the best at battling the planet’s creatures!

Graphically, the game launcher and board are fairly clean, though there’s a lot to get used to with the playing field, and as you’d expect there’s some beautiful artwork on the cards.  The PC version of the game is presented in a mobile app style window, which keeps the look consistent with the mobile versions of the game.  I would have liked a full-screen option to make good use of my monitor; this optimisation is planned for the future, however.  On the audio side, there’s ambient music and minimal sound effects, though these can be turned off if you wish.

Tridek - MenuTridek - Tutorial Campaign

The game’s tutorial starts players off with guided matches against three AI opponents, in the same style as the matches in the single player campaign.  It’s easy to follow and explains the rules well, leaving the player well grounded to figure out their own strategies for future battles.  The campaign itself takes you through several regions of Galena, taking on increasingly difficult AI opponents and the creatures they control.

A big draw for Tridek is the cross-platform multiplayer, which works between all versions of the game, offering ranked leagues and tournament modes.  Players can also start a game from one device and resume from another device as all games can be synced online.

Tridek’s resource management system is unique and interesting, with coloured crystals acting as currency used for paying to summon cards.  Each card has a cost and yield, so the player must choose cards to suit the resources they have to hand, unlike in other TCGs where players rely on the luck of the draw to gain the mana they need.  Players don’t need to fear running out of resources either, because when a player skips their turn, they can claim an extra crystal or a new card.

There are three types of card: Creatures, Hacks and Support.  Creatures are the most common cards, with varying combat strengths, Victory Points (awarded to the winner of each fight), and a wide range of abilities that can be triggered by the creature entering or leaving the battlefield, or that depend on other conditions in play.  Hacks can be applied to creatures on the battlefield, modifying their stats as a permanent buff or debuff, while Support cards offer a temporary effect or can be used to block an opponent’s choices during their turn.

Fights between creatures are fairly straightforward.  Creatures can be placed in either the ATK(attack) or RES(resistance) zones on the playfield: for the most part, those in the ATK field can attack, while those in the RES slots can only defend.  Creatures take their combat strength from the ATK or RES stats matching the zone they are in.  The creature with the higher strength wins any fight, with the loser being sent off to the rest zone and out of play.  The winner also gets Victory Points, determined by the VP score listed on the winning creature’s card (though some abilities may override this).. the match is won when one player reaches 30 Victory Points.

Tridek - Creature Fight 1 Tridek - Creature Fight 2

Tridek: Creatures of Galena is a free to play game, with optional microtransactions available via the purchase of in-game currency for use in the shop.  Players are rewarded with in-game currency when they complete battles, and all the decks and booster cards available in the game can be purchased by all, nicely removing the worry about pay to win.

Decks are completely customisable: they can be created from scratch from the cards a player owns rather than created from a set of cards within a pre-made deck.  Card trading is not currently implemented in the game, but may be considered for a future update.  Further editions of the game also aim to add more cards.

Sadly, Tridek’s Kickstarter fund was unsuccessful.  The team have stated that they will go ahead with existing versions of the game regardless of Kickstarter funding, though extra optimisation, features and cards may not be available at launch.

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