Towns Abandoned

Towns, the city-building RPG which was one of the first games to be accepted onto Steam’s Greenlight system, has now been abandoned.


The game was accepted onto the Greenlight platform in an unfinished state, though prior to Steam clearly marking Early Access titles so many who purchased the game had no idea of the state it was in.  Towns creator and developer Xavi said that he would continue work on the game, however updates and bug fixes were not as frequent as many expected, and he quit work on the project, claiming that he was burnt out.  In his place came Moebius.. but he has also now quit.

It seems suspicious that in his post to the Towns community, Moebius complains about poor sales and income, but then announces that he and Xavi were talking about making Towns 2.. which would of course have all the features that Towns should have had, as well as a “financially sound basis for a long development”.  Hmm.

Towns is currently still available on Steam for £9.99, with no indication on the store page that the game is unfinished and now abandoned.

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