The Monster Summer Game

The Monster Summer Game, a part of Steam’s Monster Summer Sale, is a team-based game where players fight monsters in order to complete milestones and unlock special deals.

The Monster Summer Game - Waiting For Players

After being unable to access the game so far because of high demand, I finally got in.. and sat on this screen for quite some time, waiting for those 1000 players.  Tim had launched the game too, but gave up waiting!

The Monster Summer Game consists of three lanes, each with a spawner and three enemies of varying design and often a silly name.  Enemies cause damage, and spawners produce another enemy if not taken out.  Players click to shoot enemies and earn gold to level up and upgrade weapons and armour.. which enables them to do more damage with those clicks.  Some abilities also help your team by healing them, boosting their damage, increasing the gold earned from kills, and so on.

The auto-fire cannon sounds good but doesn’t come anywhere near a manual clicking rate, even after throwing gold at it to upgrade it.  So: click, click, click..

The Monster Summer Game - Monsters

The monsters in each lane have a particular element: fire, water, earth or air, and you can purchase boosts to damage for each of these.  You could focus on upgrading just one of these, then plan to fight in the lane with the monsters of that element so you do more damage.. you could do that, or you could simply click.

Click.  Click.  Click.

After a while boss monsters appear in some lanes.  Here’s Dominic, The Mobile Apocalypse.  Bigger, higher health pool, probably dropped more loot, but I was past caring.. just clicking with one hand while I ate my sandwich with the other.. click, click, click.

The Monster Summer Game - Boss Monster

Click.  Click.  Click.

I imagine Valve thought The Monster Summer Game would be a more interesting way for the community to unlock different deals.. but I’d much rather just vote for a favourite than do all this RSI-inducing clicking.  No more!

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