The Little Big Bunch

The latest in the line of indie bundles arrived today: the Little Big Bunch, with five indie games on the usual pay what you want scheme, with money being split between developers and Games Aid as you wish.

This one has a minimum price.. something I’m glad of after seeing a guy taunting one of the indie devs on Twitter this afternoon.  He was bragging about only having paid 1 cent for the game.. less than a penny.. which would have been bad enough without the taunting!

I already owned one of the games: Mode 7‘s strategy game Frozen Synapse, so this one is going to Tim, and maybe we’ll get to play together at some point 😉

Also in the bundle are two platformers, one with destruction: Explodemon, by Curve Studios, and one with aliens: Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee.  Finally there’s New Star Soccer 5, a football career sim, by New Star Games.. which isn’t really my type of game.  The one I’m most interested in here is 2d platform shooter Serious Sam Double D, from Mommy’s Best Games, and supported by Croteam through their Serious Sam Indie series.

Serious Sam Double D is via Steam code, while the rest of the games are available via Get Games‘ download system.  I have to say I much prefer Steam, knowing that I can download the games as many times as I want, and that updates will be applied as they appear.  Get Games’ FAQ says that the number of activations per game vary between publishers.. while I don’t mind if I lose a cheap indie game after a couple of reinstalls, I’d be wary of buying anything I forsee playing over and over again.

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