The Indie Royale – The Hammerhead Bundle

The Hammerhead Bundle is the latest ferocious collection in Indie Royale’s on-going quest to bring you the hottest and most interesting indie games out there in the wilds of underground development.

The Hammerhead Bundle

In this bundle are: Wormwood StudiosPrimordia, an adventure set in a far distant future where humans are extinct and robots rule the world; Chasing CarrotsPressure, an over the top arcade style racing game with shoot ’em up mechanics; Dark Vale GamesFORGE, an online, class-based multiplayer shooter set in a fantasy universe; Owl Cave‘s Richard & Alice, a tale about two prisoners trapped in an underground facility; and Pandora Studio‘s Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage, a fast-paced addictive combat racing game with a variety of vehicles, weapons and upgrades.

There’s one secret game yet to be revealed, too.

The bundle is available as pay what you want from a current minimum of £3.78, but those who pay more than £5.36 will also get the bonus album: MY OK BBS’ It’s Not Great.

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