The Indie Gala Magicka

The Indie Gala has released the latest indie bundle offering: The Indie Gala Magicka.

This bundle is pay-what-you-want, but in tiers, starting with the DRM-free version of You Are Empty, an action adventure by 1C Company.  Purchasers must pay at least $1 to receive Trine, a fantasy action game by Frozenbyte, and by beating the average (currently $5.88) they’ll unlock Cities in Motion, a city planning game by Paradox Interactive; Deponia, a comedy-adventure by Daedalic Entertainment; Magicka, the title game of the bundle,developed by Arrowhead Game Studios; and Painkiller: Black Edition, by People Can Fly.


Those who beat the average will also get three secret bonuses; Magicka: Vietnam has already been revealed as one of the three.

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