The EA Indie Bundle

EA have decided to get in on the indie bundle scene.. with the EA Indie Bundle, launched on Steam.

This bundle has been causing a bit of a stir amongst some indie developers, with accusations that the huge company is just cashing in on the popularity of “indie” bundles, and more arguments about what the term “indie” means.  The games in the bundle are apparently EA Partners games.. the label which publishes third party games from independent developers.

So.. the games..

HotHead GamesDeathSpank, and DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, Vanguard Games‘ action adventure Gatling Gears; Klei Entertainment‘s action games Shank and Shank 2; and Trapdoor Inc.‘s stealthy puzzler Warp, available for £14.38 until 9th May.. 70% off against £47.94 if buying all the games at full price: a far cry from the usual indie bundles which start off in single figures 😉

I did notice that Gatling Gears comes with a dirty word.. DRM.  This game also has a five machine activation limit.  Would this be in place if not for EA?

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