The Ball

The Ball is an indie action-adventure puzzle game using the Unreal engine, featuring an archaelogist who gets stuck in a cave and finds a mysterious artifact.. The Ball.  This game started off as a mod for Unreal Tournament.. shows what hard work can do!  Two friends have been playing this game, and both have come back with nothing but praise for it, so I thought I should try it out 🙂

The demo allows the first few puzzles to be played out in campaign mode, as well as trying out Survival mode, where you have to stay alive as long as possible against floods of enemies.

I started with the campaign and very quickly became twitchy, expecting bad things to come shooting out of every corner, or for something to come down from the ceiling and crush me.  I only felt a little better once I found the Ball..

The first few rooms are all about teaching you how to play.. pressure plates for you to stand on, how to use the Hammer, and how to handle the Ball.  There are several jokes in here, but I’m not touching them! 😉

As mentioned, I was rather twitchy while playing this, and the rather ugly monkeys in some of the first few rooms gave me the creeps..
I was being mocked by a friend for this, but I think it’s just as well I was twitchy, because when the first zombies appeared I was quick to fire the Ball at them.

I’d be tempted to get the game, as it’s easy to play, looks fantastic and solving the later puzzles in the demo was very satisfying.. but with all puzzle games, there comes a point where I find myself stuck, leaving it for a while, and then not completing it.. I have enough uncompleted games 😉

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  • Jason says:

    In response to your last statement about getting stuck: There is a hint system within The Ball that ensures you never get completely stuck. Pressing H will give you a hint that is both simple, and accurate. I have only used it once, but the hint was more than enough to clear the room. Simples! 😀

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